clarinetist and educator

"Erica's piano lessons were wonderful, and her teaching style made me feel comfortable each time we met. I was always able to have fun and get the most out of each lesson I had with her. A true professional that will change the way you look at private lessons."

-Giles DeCourcy, adult student

If you want to learn more about private lessons...

please check out the Studio FAQ page on this site to learn more about lessons. You can also call (215)850-0434 or email - I'd be happy to answer any questions!

Private Lessons

Both piano and clarinet lessons offer  one-on-one instruction designed to help you or your child experience the fun of learning a musical instrument. Interested? Contact me to set up a trial lesson!


Music lessons can have a huge positive impact on your child, or you!

Lessons encourage creativity, confidence, and fun! Whether you have a young child looking to start her music education, a student in band wanting to improve at the clarinet, or are an adult learner yourself, lessons are for you! Check out these reasons to pick our studio:

  • Qualified, experienced instruction
  • One-on-one lessons with all of the attention on your student
  • Learn the music you​ want to learn!
  • More than just performance - learn music theory, history, and improvisation in a comprehensive approach
  • Use of games, listening, rhythm instruments, and collaborative learning makes lessons engaging and exciting
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Flexible scheduling 

Clarinet and Piano Lessons in Harleysville, PA